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After Market Turbo Headers????

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Hi all, I am wondering if there is an aftermarket turbo header to replace the old cast iron one on my 1983 280zx turbo motor.

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Unfortunatly no there isn't. Turbo headers don't exist for any Z other than the 90+ 300zx. To be more specific there are no turbo headers for the older Z avaliable here in the U.S. but I'm sure Japan companies at one point made them. The three options I see here are to find a set in Japan through company that will ship to you, have a set custom made, or stick with the stock manifold and just have it ported by a machine shop.
A few of us Turbo'd Z'rs are running one of these....You could have one like this or have your own made up. Sorry it's been awhile, but I believe ours has 30% more air flow over the stock exhaust manifolds.

Joel, Tim, Jeffp... correct me if I am wrong ;)

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Well there is always one of these if you can find one (In Japan).
As far as I know, this is the only one in the states... I have to weld the WG flange back on. Then I think it will be sent out to have jethot.
It's stainless.. It's for one of my future builds....
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No turbo headers?

These are on my engine, i just havent uploaded any of the new pictures yet
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must...have...that... equal length....ohhh
how much and where?
180000 yen straight out of Japan, made to order by Trust (plus shipping etc) took about a month from the time i ordered it, and i have no way of saying if it will work on a left hand drive car, with the turbo i chose it ends up sitting lower then the engine mount and needs a new one to be fabed. Youll also need a type R wastegate 95000 yen and its made to mount a TD-07 turbo 260000 yen, i went with a garret turbo which needed a adapter that lowered the turbo 25mm.
Wow Nice!

D83zxt - I was also on that SFP group buy as well. I spoke to them many times during the build process and they said that the air flow is improved by about 30-40%. I have since had mine Jet Coated and will hopefully going on the car soon!

Yasin, I knew there was more of us :)

Joel was the first to received his even tho it had to be sent back, after finding out about the lining up fitting issues, I sent SFP a used head so they could correct this matter :) Everyone said theirs was a GREAT improvement, and that it totally woke up the whole motor and the preformance gain is awesome :)

PS... You and I use the same BOV too LOL
but at a different location ;)
How much did you pay for your header?
$850.00 w/external wastegate mounting.

Vinh... it's been a pleasure watching what you've done over the years with your Z, keep up the good work :)

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