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after market stereo for uncut console

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anyone make a stereo that will fit the 280z console. i would like something to fit like the orignal equipment. i am not heavy into to music but would like something descent
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How about mounting one vertical in a case behind the passenger seat on the wall.Or a remote unit (with hand controls) under the seat.
Cructchfield has one or two old style radios that still have knobs and cassette players in them. One of these will fit no problem. Think they where like a $100. bucks or so.

just do what i did, mines a ZX not a Z but just leave the original head unit in and wire a new one in the glove compartment check my cardomain

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You mean the ones with knobs on each side separated from the center? These are called "shaft style" radios. Obviously, the center is to small for one of them to be a cd player, but if your old one broke you can go to walmart and pick up like a jensen for about 40 bucks. I think they even install them too in some places.

something like this?
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If your 280Z has a working FM stereo buy one of those $20 FM transmisters and plug it into a protable CD, cassete, mp3, minidisk or what ever you like. Nice and simple, no wiring, no screwing, no cutting, and the best thing about it is you dont have to worrk about it being stolen because you can easily take it with you.
I got a nice Sanyo cassette installed in my brand new console for 120 bucks, I didnt want to cut into the console either and this model is a shaft-style. I think cutting into the plastic in the console compromises the integrity of the console. Plus i can play my old cassette circa 1978! Talk about a time capsule!
I let the original radio there cuz its in such condition plus it looks cool, a friend of mine made me so brackets and installed my mp3 stereo inside my glove compartment and put a carbon fiber face around it.
i put a new cd player in my 75 280, i figured it would be ok to cut since the stock radio has a big plastic face that will cover up any holes if i wanted to put the original one back in
thx guys. it has a cd player in it now ( a cheap one the p/o put in). the current console if broken on one side where thieves ripped out the previous cd player (p/o). i have a new console on the way and do not want to cut it. an original radio would be great as well. i want to go for the stock look. thx!
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