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Many of us use the Subaru Brat tie rod end to fabricate the adjustable t/c rod. I have them on my race car and they work great. Cut the stock t/c rod in half and graft a threaded sleeve onto it and you have the adjustable t/c. I used a tie rod end from Beck Arnley, and if you wish, I can get the part number for you.
Dave B 240Z, 240Z ITS

> I'm currently rebuilding the front end on my
> 71 240z. All the bushings on the car are the
> solid aluminum/delrin type. The t/c rod
> bushings are also the adjustable type with
> the threaded sleeve. Are you supposed to use
> a different t/c rod with these bushings? I
> can get the suspension together, but just
> barely. There is no adjustment left in the
> sleeves after assembling everything. It
> looks like the rod needs to be an inch or
> three longer to have room. I might end up
> trashing all the bushings and replacing them
> with poly, but since there are already there
> I'll use them for now. Any advice on
> adjustment of the sleeves? It might be my
> imagination, but I thought I read somewhere
> that you are supposed to use Subaru t/c
> rods?
> greg
> 71 240z
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