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a not so fun day at the track

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well. the fun had to end sometime.

first pass. babied the car out of the hole, not shifting fast, went a 14.1 with a 2.0 60ft.

second pass. took it up to about 3300-3500 rpms, dropped the clutch, stood on it {trying to get a 13 second pass} SNAP! sheered a u-joint in about 50 pieces all over the track.

pulled the axle out, called a buddy who had a spare, swapped it out, no biggie.

did the burnout contest, everything was fine before this. then i go to go home after changin tires. anytime i turn the wheel sharp in either direction there is a loud clunking in the rear end. being that it didn't do this before the burn out contest. but now does it after? my thoughts are on the brakes are shot now. or broke a stub shaft, ooorrrrrr damaged a spider gear in the rear end.

before i left the track, i checked under the car, nothing was loose. im gonna pull the drums off tomorrow and check and see if there anything in there that is broken.

it's a thump that is loud enough to be heard, and felt clearly, and the car wants to jerk, and try and stop.

before i left the car didn't want to move, like ceased up brakes. so my theroy is i fried the rear brakes?

any thoughts?

oh, here is a pic

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pic didnt go through. Did you check your mustache bar?
ack poo, the pic shows up just fine for me. imagestation, sometimes it works, sometimes not. who knows

nope, haven't checked any bolts or anything under the car. i'll do that tomorrow when im pullin the rear end apart.
i would have taken those tires off your hands man
BTW, the long thing beside the car, thats me holding up the shocker

rocker, shocker, spocker!
|_| ||_| || ||
Sounds to me like your spider gears have a problem.

Good Luck
Could be the spider gears. Your car has no LS, so one wheel squeal makes the diff spin fast. Spinning fast is not what spider gears do for very long and live to tell about it. If you got both to break free, then I would think maybe a bearing or brakes. You will have to see when you take it apart.

Good luck, hope it's an easy fix.
both were spinnin.

my guess is i melted/fused the rear brakes to something.

thanks for the help
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