Year: 1984
Model: Z31 300ZX base non-turbo
Engine: VG30E (3.0 Liter stock)
Trans: Manual (stock)
Color: Tan interior / White exterior (with pinstripes and black bumpers)
Mileage: 148,379

A Diamond in the rough...
This base non-turbo Z31 is currently on non-op status since 2009 in California and has a clean title. It is in Santa Rosa, California, and has been in my family since 1985 when my father bought it used; I am the 3rd owner, with my father as the 2nd owner. I have essentially been with this car for 38 years and It has been kept in a garage for most of it’s life, even in the non-operational state. It is mostly original, with a few exceptions, and has the factory optioned rear window louver. It is white with a tan interior (velour seats), manual transmission, and had a carpeted dash cover protecting the vinyl dash since 1986. It is named “Ditto” since it was the second car my family owned at the time.

Sadly, all service, repair, and purchase records were destroyed in the 2017 wildfires that burned through Santa Rosa, California. They were kept in a file cabinet in my parent’s house that was razed in the wildfire. However, I do have the original Nissan 300ZX service manual (copyright 1983), and 2 keys (one of them original).

Updated parts:
  • The radio (head unit) was replaced with a Concord CX-50 in 1987 or 1988. The speakers were likely upgraded at the same time. It is apparently a rare stereo unit from this era. Take that as you will, but for me, it does not factor into the value of this car. This is the only information on the stereo unit I can find with a Google search:
    CX-50 Power Amplifier by Logic Soundlab Valuation Report by
  • The radiator was replaced with an aftermarket product sometime around 2006. Some of the coolant hoses were also replaced at this time.
  • The tires and brake pads have been changed over the years. I think the brake rotors have also been replaced, but I am not certain.
The car has never been in a collision, and has always been registered in California (still has the original plates). The frame is straight and the exterior panels, windows, and paint, including the pin striping, are still from the factory. The body of the car is rust free and has no dents except one small ding on the roof that is barely noticeable. The interior of the car is in very good condition for a 40 year old car. There are no rips or tears in the cloth and no cracking and very minimal fading of the vinyl.

The engine was last run in 2008 or 2009. However, it was attacked by rats sometime in 2009, and sat in one place since then. It has been rat free since 2009. I have not attempted to turn it over in recent days since it has been sitting for so long. I do not want to damage the engine since the oil and other fluids have very likely settled to the bottom.

The car was naively stored with all fluids still in the car. I did not know what I was doing at the time I mothballed the car, so did not drain the oil, transmission fluid, or fuel. This could mean corroded systems, however, as far as I know the systems (engine, transmission, fuel, cooling) are still sealed. No fluids have leaked while it was in storage under the non-operation status since 2009, but they have settled to the bottom. In fact the car has not moved from my garage since 2009.

Known Rat Damage:
  • Some wires have been chewed through, including a couple of spark plug wires and a few wires to the injectors.There does not seem to be major damage to the rest of the wiring harness under the hood.
  • There are also a few nesting spots and places of rat urination and defecation around the outside of the engine, however there is no evidence that they entered the engine, transmission, or the interior.
  • The heat shield on the underside of the hood has been severely damaged by the rats as well.
  • A few vacuum lines have been eaten.
Other issues:
  • The tension pulley for the A/C compressor is frozen and the belt is missing. The A/C compressor is no longer charged with freon and has not been converted to modern A/C charging kits. As far as I know it is still the factory A/C compressor.
  • The rear struts will likely need to be replaced. They allow the springs to bounce when the car goes over a bump. The front struts seemed fine in 2009, but may also need to be replaced. As far as I know they are the factory struts.
  • The antenna motor stoped working about 15 years ago. The plastic strip attaches to the antenna is missing as well. However the antenna rod itself is straight.
  • The “Z” hub cover is missing on the rear passenger wheel.
  • It has 4 “new” tires (as of 2008) that have about 1000 miles driven on them but have been flat since 2009. The car was not suspended during this time, but were sitting on the flat tires. I will be surprised if they are still good. I know I would not trust them.
You might be asking, why did I let it sit for so long and neglect this family heirloom? It mostly came down to cost. I was not able to afford the time and money during those years to focus on fixing the car. I always intended to do something, and wished I had the time and/or money to fix it and get it back on the road. This car was always my “super car” since I was a boy, so letting It go is a difficult decision for me to make. Since I can not give it the love it deserves, it is time to let it go. I want to see it potentially go to someone that would give it the love it deserves and get it back on the road,. That someone could be here at Are you the one that can give it the love it needs?

Sorry, delivery is NOT available. You are responsible for bringing a trailer to cart it away once it is purchased. Please text or email and include in the subject and/or message. If emailing, please include a phone number for a callback.

Photos in OneDrive!Apr868XTzuCEiRAeWNxRYhjkg-ab

Asking price: $1500 (obo)
Name: Bryan Beauchamp
Phone: 707-985-8398 (accepts texts)
Email: [email protected]
City/State/Country: Santa Rosa, California, 95401, USA