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A/C relay on 260Z

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Where is the airconditioner relay located on a late 260Z?
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Compressor relay.......

.........Under the voltage regulator - small rectangular box..........
I believe that one is actually at the bottom of the relay bracket on the passenger side kickwall. Part # 25230-89914 . (FSM BE-94) A dollar if I'm wrong!
I first asked because there is nothing in the FSM airconditioning section referencing a relay. I dug a little deeper into my 260Z FSM (Nissan P/N 20041). It shows A/C relay and wiring on pages BE-3, BE49, and be-7. Z-Quest, did you actually mean BE-49 instead of BE-94, MY book does not show an A/C relay on page you referenced. My car is not garaged at my residence, so I cant go over and actually look at it until all the storms have finished passing (Jeanne).
jazzbug8 - Yes on BE94 it refers to all the relays on the bracket, including the Air-Con Relay. Though it's done in the bold print in the "Note" - first column half way down the page. On the other page referenced, BE49 (what a coincidence huh!), it shows what is the Air-Con Relay in Fig BE-83 (bold arrow). That's what's nice and evil about the FSM - hidden info everywhere - somtimes condensed, sometimes not.

BE94 has stuck in my mind because it calls out all the relays - intermittent wiper amplifier, horn, defogger, air-con, interlock unit, electric pump cut relay #1 and #2.

I pulled the part number, 25230-89914, off the original relay cover from the fully loaded/tested bracket (spare I bring when traveling cross country - just got back and haven't put it away yet). I've labelled each relay - 10 years ago, hence the limited stakes bet! Nissan probably has a new replacement part and part number.

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Have to hand it to you Z-quest, you know your FSM. Wouldn't it be great if people like Blue, and Kammy, and so many others that have great technical knowledge and a repository of reference illustrations could get together and publish a really decent and comprehensive Z technical manual. There are a few good books out, but none really comprehensive and well illustrated with actual photos. The Humble restore book is a good start, but still omits so much.
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