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Just finished work on the IC piping..

Went to pick up the girlfriend, on my way back home.....

Waiting in an intersection to turn left and WAM...

Got rear ended by an 03' civic.....
She was doing ~80 KM/H and had NO skid marks (to indicate that she braked)

Both doors woudn't open, and the fuel tank was on fire.......

my girlfriend and I managed to escape out the windows, and someone from a nearby house came by with a fire extingisher......

ALL that work put into her, and now she's written off
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oh my god. are you serious>!>!>! what year and model???

was it a teenage girl?

the police and everyone came i take it, right? take her mom and dad and her to court...

all that hard work for someone to just ruin it instantly. im sorry man. hope you feel better. i bet you are running over every single thing you could have done to fix it in your head.

im so sorry.
Count yourself lucky. Car can be replaced, you can't.


i got rear ended last year in my 4X4 Ford Expedition by a drunk going 115 mph. i was going 55 on the freeway and it spun me around a couple times and i was hit buy 3 other cars. all the 3 other cars were totalled and 1 of them was a rollover. even though i had 20K in damage i wasnt totalled.

the guy that hit me was on probation for DUI.
hope shes not rish had a lil rich girl hit my wife while wife was stoped doing 60 in drivers door dad bought off lawyers and we ddint even get the med bills paid and wife hurts to walk now and wreck was 6 years ago
...a good, thorough rear-ending might do the trick.
how can someone buy off a lawyer when there is insurance involved? it doesnt work that way.

the guy that hit me didnt have insurance and i collected a budle on my unisured motorist with no attorney even involved.

then i got an attorney and went after the driver for bodily injury and got even more as my lawyer was smarter than his.
That sucks, hope everyone is ok. But an '03 civic shouldn't leave skid marks. Well if it has anti-locks that is.
Dude, that sucks!!! I hope you guys were unharmed. Hopefully she has insurance. At least it wasn't a hit and run like accident which totalled my 78. Salvage what you can and find a donor car.
bluzno7 wrote:
> Salvage what you can and find a
> donor car.

I'm all about it.

Now I've got a 350 HP L28ET powerplant and I'm lookin' for a nice 240/260/280 body to drop it in.
hey im just saying what happoned dont ask me howim not a lawyer
cars with antilock brakes leave skidmarks during very hard panic stops, but the marks are not solid, they skip. I know cuz that was the last I ever saw of my Altima.....my former wife t-boned an unmarked police car that turned left in front of her. Believe it or not, we had no trouble at all collecting insurance and having the police repay the deductible...I think they were just happy we didn't sue them.
The '95 cavalier I was in didn't squeal at all. I'd figure they'd get better than old GM tech.
OMG thats the worst thing tat could happen to your dream car!!!!

Good thing your ok, you used KM, what country are you in, or is that to make it sound faster?

Getting hit a 80kmph that is a big BANG!
I live in canada....

and I believe 80 KM is ~42 MPH
Ghosttanker you've got the same car as me. Precisely down to the carbs.
you cant trust the hondas.....

my deepest sympathies.
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