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91 NA 2+2 top window roller

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I've been reading and searching, but I can't find a lot of information on this. The passenger side top window roller bolt piece has snapped. I have a replacement part ready to go, but I just can't get to the top roller. Does anyone have any info or tips on how to get access to the top roller?
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Pain in the ass when the bolt breaks -- I drilled the head from the outside of the car to get it off. Used a hand electric drill to get a hole started then switched over to the Dremel tool. Be careful not to slip onto the glass - best to put something protective over it (ie., piece of thin plastic with a hole in the middle and taped to glass). Take your time with this - it goes pretty fast....
That sounds like a plan to me. The other part of that problem is the bolt is still in the female end of the roller as well, so i need to get to that and replace that side as well. How do I go about getting to that end? I started taking off the door panel, but I got stumped as I really haven't done much in door panels outside of audio.
Sorry - it's been a while since I did this job.

Pretty sure once the inside trim panel is removed -- there's a hole you can move the remainder of the slider to line up with so the screw can be removed. That upper inner door trim piece is removed by lowering the window a bit, removing the round plastic plug facing the outside of the car and undoing the screw inside (as well as the seat belt bracket bolt). Might also need to remove a piece of tape covering the hole that allows access to the slider screw?

PS -- Look closely at your new slider parts, the new nut head that attaches outside the window. You should see two small dimples. Those dimples are for a special factory tool that allowed that head to be held in place while the screw was tightened from the inside. I made my own tool from a small piece of wood and two finishing nails. Drilled holes in the wood at the right spacing and set the nail heads just above the surface -- was enough to catch and engage the bolt head. Might be other ways to do this - but that's how I did it...
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No apologies necessary, I very much appreciate you helping. I'm very lacking when it comes to car knowledge, but I really wanna fix this car up after looking at others. The trim panel is the piece with the seat belt bolt at the top, right? Only hole I see when i take that off is to a lock nut, but I don't know what the nut is to. I have pictures, maybe they can help someone help me.
Trim panel off, and tape removed, showing lock nut.

The problem.

Do these clips have anything to do with it?
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Ooops - me bad. To get the slider out, take off the rubber weather seal trim piece above the track and pull the roller out from the top of track. That seal may seem like it's hard to remove - but it's just held down with some little rubbery catches that pull out of retainer holes. I think you'll also need to remove the plastic trim piece that sits over the track? As I recall - all of it was pretty simple to undo....

PS -- I had a hard time getting the new slider into the track (even when greased up). Ended up using a blower type heat gun to warm up the track enough to get it to slip in. I suppose you could chill the slider down in a freezer and get the same result?

PSS - Check that nut behind the tape, should be nice and tight otherwise it can cause some rattling too! I not sure if I needed to remove that nut as well? - but if you have an issue getting things undone, give it a try...
Awesome! Many, many thanks. I'll give it a shot tomorrow if the weather holds up, hopefully.
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