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Got'ta ask

> I make it a personal goal of mine to romp
> every 5.0 that wants to run. Everyone around
> here with a Mustang thinks his car is the
> fastest on the road, and it's nice to have a
> 6 cylinder Import put them in thier place.

> The Iroc's on the other hand are a little
> tougher. These cars came with a rough and
> tough 5.7, that was a pretty free flowing
> car. Nice big air intakes, big exhaust, and
> not much as far as catylists go. Super
> strong cars, that absolutly eat stuff up in
> the back half of the 1/4 mile. If you don't
> keep you foot in the throttle, one of these
> cars will catch you and make for a very bad
> evening, with his grandiose stories of a
> come from behind victory over the guy he
> just took 50 bucks from. As long as I dn't
> let up, and don't get the car jeking around
> slipping the tires on shifts, I'll beat them
> most of the time. BUt believe it or not, the
> ones that are stock, that have been taken
> care of, usually beat me. The ones that guys
> have upgraded are the ones that
> I stomp and chew up.

> Chris Behney

Well,I figured out you're not stock! Myrtle Beach, SC has got to be the 5.0 capital of the world, sooooo, Mustangs are my pesonal nemesis also. What ya' runnin'?
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