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Re: Iroc CAMARO was always faster.

You guys forget that the chevy runs a 350 ci engine and mustang runs a 302. Cubic inches rules in stock form. Put a 351W in the mustang and it would run away from the camaro. The Ford Chevy thing has been going on for years. None of them look as good as a 240Z, but the 240Z with the Ford or Chevy engine is awsome fast, for far less money than it would take for us to pump up or Datsun/Nissan engines to make equal power. I own both types and enjoy each for its best qualities.

> The CAMARO was always quicker. In stock
> trim, the Mustangs never came in a model
> that was faster than the equally equiped
> Iroc Z-28 CAMARO.

> I'm unsure of the weight on the 2 cars, but
> the CAMARO always had better 0-60 times, and
> better 1/8 and 1/4 mile passes, all at
> higher speeds through the traps.

> What is the point of this question anyways,
> considering this is a Z-car forum?

> Chris Behney
> Redline Autosports
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