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Unfortunately my dreams of a Turbo Z are going to have to wait. I have just taken a new job that requires me to travel around Houston. Currently my Z is in the garage on jackstands with a freshly pulled turbo block hanging over it. My wife has been kind enough to let me use her truck (Nissan too!) the past few days, but I need to be in a operational state. So, I am not going to be able to finish the install, just not enough time to get it all put together correctly. But this will be great for someone else who does want to go turbo. This is what I have:
'83T Long Block
Manual ECU
Wiring harness
Saab BOV
Starion IC
5spd BW Tranny
I still have the '83 ZXT that I pulled the motor from, so any other parts you want to pull off of it you can. The motor is a running motor, as a matter of fact the turbo has NO play in the housing. I was driving the ZXT around a little to feel how solid the motor was before I pulled it. It was nice, turbo kicked in and pulled like a bat out of ****. I am depressed that I can't finish this but I need to have 2 working cars quick. I have every thing you need to do the conversion, just not the time. Well this is what I am looking for. Due to the time restriction I am under I will make someone a great deal, but I am not going to just give this away either..
Running N/A Block/Head setup (No FI needed)
Suspension hop-ups
280Z 5spd tranny
Audio equipment
Most any hops that apply to N/A Z's

I NEED the block/head in running condition, I have to drop it in and plug in my carbs. I can be called on my Cell in Houston @ 281-222-1896 or at home after 7pm (All night!! 1am+)@ 281-304-0698. I am need to work fast on this so contact me however and I will get back ASAP. I am willing to sell it outright as well, contact me to negotiate price cause I don't know what it is worth as a ready to go "Kit".

John Cooney
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