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83 280zxt stops running after 15 minutes happened multiple times need help???

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I have a 83 280zxt auto with no cat converter. I start and runs fine . I drove it 15 minutes and then shut smoothly shut off? towed it home and then it started again after it cooled down? it has happened multiple times? can't see anything wrong with it? need help diagnosing the problem. thanks Mike
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Wow! That could be any one of a TON of things! On mine it was the distributor, but it could be a whole lot of other things much less costly.
when the car warms up it dies. car Cools off and every thing is good. Temp is causing ignition module to fail probably. Swap it with a known good one. Or warm the car up and spray loads of freeze off on the ign module at 12 minutes, 15, 17. If it keeps running, then stop cooling module. if it dies as the part warms thats likely it. I keep a ign module and switch in my console, a few spare studs and wheel nuts, fuses, vice grips, all that emergency stuff.
i already replaced the distributor and nothing, still dies. Where is it and what does the ignition module look like? thanks for the tip sounds promising!
On a turbo I think its spark is triggered by the crank angle sensor not a ign module, sorry. Its a black box with some wires at the crank pulley on an 81. after 81 I Dont Know. If you just replaced the dist then recheck that work.
Have you checked the fuel pressure with an inline gauge between the filter and rail? Could be a simple as a filter half azz clogging up. D/L the FSM from xenons130 and study it, then do some testing and get back with us.
The CAS is in the bottom of the dizzy in the 82/83.

Also the ignitor on the coil bracket can go out. If so check out the HEI upgrade in my signature block.
the ignition module is a power transistor that takes the place of points if you are old enough to remember them.. transistors tend to fail when hot if they live past infant mortality. hence freeze spray rejuvenates them temporarily. the 83 cas is in the dizzy. If the problem were the dizzy then you would have it all the time not 15 minutes later. if you haven't downloaded the fsm from xenon this would be a recommended thing. Of course you need to read it also. i doubt a fuel delivery issue but don't discount it. It is mounted close by the dizzy and has wires going to it. were i less drunk and more motivated i would go take a pic but look in the fsm and you should see a location diagram. not sure if th pic is the right one but whereverr those blu wires go is what you want


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UImmm no its not the blue wire, thats not a turbo engine pic. The correct one is located there though but has 2 wires going into a "T" shaped fitting.
I took my 83 280ZXT out for a 15 minute spin this today to knock the winter cobwebs off her. I shut the car off and ran into the store. When I tried to start the car it would turn over great but just not run on its own. I wasn't sure if it was no sparky or no fuel. It started just fine after about 15-20 min. Is the same sort of problem you were having?
Fuel problem related.check your Fuel prusser then go from there.Fuel pump,injectors,FPR etc etc
My mantra, not exclusive, is to clean all electric contacts, all of 'EM, before one starts flying parts around.

These beauties are butttt simple in operation, fixability(sandpaper and a needle file), and hay what is wrong(diagnosis).
If all is not clean, one is wasting time and money and maybe a Z/ZX?
A defective ignition coil can also play that "runs when cool, dies when warm" game.
2nd the coil,an intermittent source for sure.
Thanks for all the input. I'll try what y'all suggested to keep my Z on the road.
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