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83 280zxt and 82 zxt combo, what's a fair price?

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I know that this is the tech forum, however this is the place that the 280zx crowd has it's biggest presence.

I'm selling my 83zxt, no cracks in dash, 112k, previous owner who was 77 years old replaced turbo and injectors at 90k, has minimal rust, hatch rockers taillight area frame are free of rust.
I'm also selling my 82zxt parts car, it is a rust bucket howevewr I bought it for the motor and the 5speed tranny I was going to swap into my 83 which is a automatic, the car ran however the clutch was burned up, it still has all the wiring, glass, turbo......

I know this isn't the easiest question to answer, but how much is a reasonable price for this combo, I was thinking 3k, does that sound realistic?

Thanks in advance guys

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depends on the area....i got a totally rust free arizona 81 zxt with 68000 miles for 2400...little old lady original owner, and an 81 full parts car for 150 bux....i'd say shoot for around 2-2.5k.
I say at least 3k for all that. Your 83 should be worth that alone.
yeah don't start low. There are highs and low values to every car. So start high at 4k then go down from there. Unless you need to sell it real quick start at 3.5k
Have you been on ebay lately?

a 280zxt in very good condition with 110k miles fetches about $5,000

As far as the 68k little ole lady arizona car, that thing would pull $10,000
it's an old car with rust....where is the rust? 5k for any car with rust is way too much.
id say 3k is about right, depending on what it looks like, even very fair. maybe no lower though
Man i wish you lived next door, id give you 3k right now.


I'm in North Carolina, so that may help me a little, because there aren't that many 280zx's in good condition around.

Thanks for all those responses.
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