I want to sell my Arita Speed G-Nose front bumper it is imported from Japan and I hear they're some what rare. It was hit by someone (while parked) while my car was uninsured (neither were they) and I need money to buy a new bumper and front right fender since it got collapsed from the bumper being hit. The headlight bezel (right side) is built into the bumper and so is the other side that didn't get damaged. The bumper does have a decent sized break in it but looks to be fixable with some new fiberglass and some Bondo. I truly wish this wouldn't of happened and I would fix it myself but I have 0 experience with body work and would probably mess it up. These Z's have been my dream car for about 2 years now and now that I have mine it's been quite the ride, a fun one at that. The parts are difficult to find for a decent price but I will finish my build no matter what the price is. Price not firm YET 馃榾.
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