Hey guys, I'm looking to sell my 83' 280zx, Silver, manual, grey cloth interior, very minimal rust, and a crack-free dashboard. Runs good 104,580 Miles to it, A/C works, I'm the third owner, It's always been a Michigan Car, but never driven in the winter and always housed in a garage (that is to say pretty rust clean undercarriage). I put in a new performance oil pan, new rear struts, new oil pressure switch, and had the differential rebuilt; only thing is that the car needs a new heater core, the lines are capped right now so they don't leak, but that was never a problem for me since its always been a summer car.

To be honest, I really hate to let this car go, I bought it with my own money fresh out of Highschool, put a couple thousands of work into it, enjoyed it for a few years, and planned to enjoy it for many years to come. unfortunately, it just doesn't make sense to hold onto it anymore since I’m working and going to school in a city where it doesn’t really make sense to have a car, and my parents business has been struggling with the way the economy is right now, and so I offered to sell my Z to help them out with some bills. I was hoping to sell it for 17k or best offer though I realize a Z car is not the best investment and I’m probably gonna take a loss on it, I was hoping to minimize that, though I don’t wanna rip anyone off and am having a hard time reading the private seller market right now and am obviously new to this, so If anyone who isn’t personally interested has some advice for pricing that would be much appreciated.

I’d be happy to answer any other questions or provide more photos.

Thanks in advance guys.

Email: [email protected]