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83 280zx engine wiring harness help!

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ok so im currently swapping a l28 from a 1983 280zx into my 82 maxima. it this point im getting the engine harness connected but there are a couple of places im not sure what to do.

the first spot is the part of the wiring harness that runs along the firewall to the passenger side of the engine bay. it has the efi relay on it i believe but the other 2 connections im not sure what to do with (one of which is cut as pictured)

second one is on the intake manifold

does anyone know what id have to do with these or which ones are necessary for it to run? i only plan to run the efi untill i find some good carbs...
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The brown and green wires go to +12v power through fusable links - both of them. Better get the FSM for the '83 280ZX. On the bottom pic - one of those 2-pin bosch connectors goes to the Air Regulator (just to the left of the yellow tape), the other... ? to a cold start injector?
Bottom pic it goes to the CSV (yellow circle)
Aha! found the second one. it was hard to see for me cause it was covered my hosing. there is an extra slot in my maxima's fusible link box so i know to hook up the brown and green wires in there. now i just need one more.. can someone tell me what the white connection in the first pic goes to?
what color are the wires?
blue/yellow blue/red blue/green yellow/black
Not sure but did the Z come with cruise controll? I never had a z with that so no real idea. I'll look at the FSM to see if i can find out what it is for.
yes it did have cruise controll. thanks for all your help
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