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1982-83 Datsun 280ZXT (Rare Turbo) This is practically a brand new car, no rust, only driven in spring, summer and fall on nice days. I am the third owner of this car. It has lived in Atlanta and Denver with the first owner for 18 years and then in Sheboygan WI until now. In all these places it has never been driven in rain/snow/salt and has always been garaged. This ZX Turbo is a very fast car!

The second owner a retired airplane mechanic and flight instructor did the following:

He bought the car in 2000 and it was a normally aspirated automatic (280ZX) with an excellent body and frame. He also bought a rusted 1983 280ZXT 5-Speed. The transplant and restoration began winter of 2000 in a heated airport hangar and continued for about 2 years. He put the good stuff from the ZXT into the 1982 ZX and now it is beautiful first generation ZX Turbo. The turbo engine had good compression and plenty of power, but he replaced the timing gears and chain and chain tensioner. Replaced front and rear engine seals. A K&N cold air intake system replaced the original air filter. Replaced the ignition module on the coil and installed a re-manufactured optical distributor. New fuel injectors installed with new “O” rings. New plugs, cap, rotor and wires. The Turbocharger was sent out (High Tech Turbo Lake City Utah) and overhauled. The Clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing and pilot bearing replaced. New Front and rear seals were installed on the transmission. Hydraulic clutch cylinder was overhauled. New tie rod ends and ball joints. Urethane bushings in front control arms and front and rear sway bars. All brake calibers overhauled and new disc brakes installed on all 4 wheels along with wheel bearings. New emergency brake cables installed. New rubber seals installed in the T-top and doors. T-tops have the screw in sun shades and travel bags. He replaced the analog dash with the digital instrument panel and he installed a electronic chock that is integrated with the cars computer ECU. It has power antenna, mirrors and windows. There are also many small parts that were replaced and not mentioned. There are receipts in the paper work that will come with the car.

The car was repainted with all glass, emblems and trim pieces removed. A brand new windshield was installed. Motorsports Aero II front rear air dams and side skirts were installed along with acrylic headlight covers. It was painted with a Volkswagen Reflex Silver Paint which really pops if it is sunny or not. Many moldings and chrome pieces were replaced and a new aftermarket hood installed. Upholstered seats with new vinyl covers and a new carpet was installed. Digital dash was installed as well as a complete new wiring harness so everything would work with the turbo ECU. He did not want the auto temp system and all its problems so he retained the standard system. It works great and the A/C blows cold. Boost meter was moved to the drivers pillar together with a mixture analyzer. A volt meter from the 280zx inserted in the factory boost meter position. He installed a Panasonic CD/Radio in a handmade wood panel along with a Rampage 250 watt amplifier under the pass seat. He mounted Jensen speakers in a modified rear panel and additional speakers on the top of the rear shock towers. New speakers were installed in the original front positions. It has the original spare tire. The engine bay is very clean and the K&N fresh air system looks great. The motor runs and idles very smooth.

It has the Voice Warning System that lets you know if a door is ajar, lights on, etc. The quartz clock is also a stopwatch/clock. It has a push button digital warning display on the dash that checks all lights, tail lights, and antifreeze/water.

I bought it from the second owner 2 years ago and this past year I had the radiator, radiator cap, water pump, thermostat, upper/lower hoses, belts, fan clutch, 4-new white letter tires installed less that 2000 miles on them and a new battery. All owners used premium gas and oil with ZDDP Zinc and a good anti-drain oil filters. This is a very reliable car with a bulletproof motor and drive-train and no RUST.

This car comes with a lot of paper work/receipts, see pictures, authenticating the work that was done. The original car that I'm selling had 175,000 miles on it when the second owner bought it. He installed the digital dash from the turbo parts car when he did the restoration and that car had 113,000 miles on the odometer and/or motor/transmission. He did mention that the odometer was not correct when I bought the car, but again, with all the work that was done on the motor, body, interior and many new parts and new paint, I didn't give it a second thought. So yes the car now has approximately 220,000 total miles body/frame but only 32,000 miles since it had a restoration and upgrades. It comes with a Haynes manual and another complete repair manual in a binder. I also have both of the 1982 and 1983 original owners manuals.

There is a small oil leak on the bottom of the motor, nothing significant.
There is a slight ticking noise at “cold/first” start up but goes away in a half minute or so and sometimes there is no tick at all.
The cruise control works well but can be a little finicky at times.

Thanks for looking and you can email me at ([email protected]) Asking $9400.00 OBO


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