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'82 280zx Rack and pinion leaking

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So the Rack and Pinion Bellows are broken on my ZX but the left one is the only one that is leaking. i was thinking of getting a Seal kit and trying to fix it.
after looking at how the R&P are are i am not sure if the seal kit is for the inside (labeled end seal) or where the inner tie rod connects to.

here is a pic of the R&P diagram

here is the one i found at auto zone. its around 60

Kragen has this one. and they have it around 230 (same part# shown on rockauto.com

bellow 22
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I have used the additive by Lucas and it stopped the leak for about a year .. then very slight. There is a kit somewhere for about 125, but I can show you where to get it done for about 150. PM me, I'll be home in a couple days.
Palladin, what Lucus product are you talking about? My rebuilt rach has a slight leak I'd like to fix...
did you look in the fsm? if not good in the s130 manual there is a good write up in the early z31 manuals. looks like the same rack to me except for where the pipes screw in. I've got one of each and sitting on the floor side by side they seem identical. the stop leak stuff is temp fix at best. new seals and be sure the shafts are not scored from dirt because of the busted boot. new boots too.
RogerZ I got the seal kit and 2 boots one for each side. I am assuming the FSM is the service manual which i found on here http://www.xenonz31.com/s130/reference.html
I found this guide on replacing the the seals.
I'm Ssungin tit should be the same I'll be getting the kit and boots tomorrow afternoon and will get it done at night.
I'll let you guys know When I get it

@RogerZ i got the FSM Thanks
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