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> I havea 82 280zx gll with power windows and
> they dont work :O(. I went to nissan and
> just to have the digonstics checked was 50
> bucks then i took it to penskie and for free
> they looked at them and said it was probably
> a cross in the wires. I know there is a
> circit breaker for them but in the manual
> its says its on the right side above the
> fuse block inside but the people at penskie
> had my hood opend i think using the breaker.
> If anyone knows where the breaker is or can
> help with my power window problems please
> respond to this. thanks

> Will

My power window on the passenger side doesn't work but i can control it both from my side, do you have any idea what might be the problem on the passenger side? is there a lock that i'm not aware off?
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