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The part of which you speak is called the evaporative emission control canister (EECC). It's part of the emmission controls and it's purpose is to capture the fuel vapors from the fuel tank rather than letting them leak out to the air. The purge line connects to the intake manifold and pulls air through the filter on the bottom of the canister when it gets enough vacumm from the vacuum signal line. If one of these lines is broken you will have a vacuum leak which will affect the way the engine runs. However I don't think this by itself would keep the engine from starting.

Bob A.

> ok guys i was going to go get my hair cut
> today , and my car wouldn't start:( I know
> this is prob your guys holiday but help me!!

> Like the engine won't start i just here this
> constant nu nu nu nu nu engine trying to
> start. When i tried again and tried to push
> the pedal i think i saw some smoke coming
> out the back just a little...

> when i popped the Hood i noticed that one
> small line was broken i think it was the
> Dist VC, it apprears that the previous owner
> or somebody glued it back on or something

> So basically its a black bottle with 3 hoses
> coming out of it

> O

> Dist VC Fuel Tank

> Purge

> it might be the purge thats broken but the
> dist VC is connected to this round circle
> that says nissan and the circle is connected
> to the Black bottle shapped thing between
> the coolant and the coolant overflow.

> If anyone can give me any tips it would be
> greatly APPRECIATED!!!!!
> thanks in advance
> poor Yuichi:(

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On second thought, try plugging the purge line with a golf tee, bolt, or something and see if that makes it start. If so you can probably run it that way until you can get the parts you need.

Good Luck!

Bob A.

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> I forgot to mention that the bottom had this
> labeled on it

> 14950 P8201 ( not like that number helps;)
> Hose connection , its some kind of hose
> connection bottle

The black canister you mentioned
has a replaceable filter on the bottom.
On the side of the canister,undo the
metal flap and pull out the canister.
turn the canister upside down and
pull the filter out. It looks like a thick
coffee filter.I replaced mine from kragen.
look in there books where they keep the
breather filters and pcv replacements.
I payed about $2 for mine.
Pull out a couple of spark plugs and check
to see if they are wet.That would be a sign
of an ignition problem.A vacumm leak from
the canister would not prevent the engine from
starting up.Keep us posted on the status of your Z.
Check you IC unit on your distributor,check your
hot wire coming off the coil,the cap (check for cracks)
try some of these and let us know.

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