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> ok guys i was going to go get my hair cut
> today , and my car wouldn't start:( I know
> this is prob your guys holiday but help me!!

> Like the engine won't start i just here this
> constant nu nu nu nu nu engine trying to
> start. When i tried again and tried to push
> the pedal i think i saw some smoke coming
> out the back just a little...

> when i popped the Hood i noticed that one
> small line was broken i think it was the
> Dist VC, it apprears that the previous owner
> or somebody glued it back on or something

> So basically its a black bottle with 3 hoses
> coming out of it

> O

> Dist VC Fuel Tank

> Purge

> it might be the purge thats broken but the
> dist VC is connected to this round circle
> that says nissan and the circle is connected
> to the Black bottle shapped thing between
> the coolant and the coolant overflow.

> If anyone can give me any tips it would be
> greatly APPRECIATED!!!!!
> thanks in advance
> poor Yuichi:(

Yuichi - you have got to go buy a Haynes manual on the Z series cars and read it from cover to cover. Unless you know a little about the different components on the Z series cars you are dead in the water on diagnosing your trouble spots. The Haynes manual is just the starting point. Good Luck . Jerry
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
Not open for further replies.