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Hello to all

I have a 81Z 280ZX which has been running really rough and very difficult to start, i had to pump the accelerator to get it to start. The other day it started and died and never started again. I posted previous message and received many outstanding suggestions. But unfortunately to no avail. My main concern is that in my Haynes repair manual pg 109 section 6 EFI component testing, it says to check Control unit and use a 12v 3 w lamp to check wheter the open injector pulse for cranking is getting to injectors. The bulb should flash when cranking the engine. I DO NOT have this pulse. Anyone have any ideas or is this test not valid? Please help???
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a. Check operation of cold start valve(Injector)

... Check Temp sensor for operation or corsion on the connector Jumper connector

if sensor questionable
b. Pull plug see if its getting wet, if old plugs

replace with new. $6 to $8 get ngk or bosch

or go to (I.)
c. If you have inductive timing light verify the

plugs are firing and the engine timing is close

when cranking. mover light and check timming

Also attach to coil wire and check firing
d. verify coil is not arcing to terminals
c. Check Distrubtor wires at cap for corrsion

check cap is not aring ( in Dark of Garage or

Night) Check Cap hastn't lost in Middle Carbon

Button. .. New Cap and Rotor $15 Plug Wires 20
d. if you been Trouble shooting Verify the Firing

order !!!
e. Loosen AirFlow Meter boot After air Flow Meter

If car fires up posible bad airflow meter

or boot.
f. Remove Clip off Bottom connector of air flow meter check for corrsion .. clean
g. Injectors ... By now Charge Battery !!!

If you have a long screw driver place it against your ear lobe and you can hear the injector fire. If you don't here a click

remove the clip of the injector and check for

corrsion. If one is corroded then all are corroded !!! Number the harness before removing the rest
h. Go inside the car and remove the Computer

Control connector check for CORRSION.. Clean
i. Fuel Failure... Verify you here the Fuel Pump

running when the key is on !!!!

if back at (A.) the plugs are't getting wet

check Fuel Filter, Regulator Etc.
j. Check Fuel line pressure
k. If you Haven't Found the problem yet youv'll

done a Nice Tune Up!!!!
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