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81' 280zxt Water in door

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So we just had a really heavy rain here. I parked my car and when I got back in I heard a sloshing sound coming from the door! So basically the bottom of my doors are full of water. Isn't there supposed to be a drain hole or something. Has anyone else had this happen and what's a fix?
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Sounds to me like you need to find where the water is coming into the door and fix that. And possibly add a drain hole... dont just take out a drill and start poking hole in the bottom of your door though do it properly so your small drain hole doesn't turn into a large rust hole!
Right I was thinking of drilling one with masking tape to protect the paint and adding a rubber grommet. It's hard to believe Nissan would've made the door this way. I moved some of the molding attached to the door and the water came out a little more. Maybe some crap is clogging the drain hole. I'll check tomorrow.
Yup, years of dirt and grease have plugged the drain hole.
poke around with a small screwdriver.
water is going to get in the door, thats why the drain is there, my 80 has a rubber grommet thing that is the drain.
Thanks! I was just freaking out.
Great news! I found the hole! After wiggling a small shaft into it I was able to produce a dripping effect. Now my doors are dry.:)
Water is getting in because when it runs down the glass its getting under the weather stripping, the glass should ride up againt it with just a slight amount of pressure, if your stripping is ok (not cracked), then you can adjust the glass outward, the adjustment are inside the door, basically tilt the glass slightly out till it comes in contac with the glass, to keep the water from getting into the actual door (not good). The FSM shows you how to do this, believe its called tilting door glass, If I remember, Dont think we can buy new glass seals, not that I can find anyway, hope yours are in good shape. This fix isnt Fun or Easy, took me several hours to do.

These doors rust from the inside out because of this! Keep those drains unclogged! If water gets in so will leaves, bugs, dirt etc!
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