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81 280zx Turbo Backfire

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What would cause a 280zx Turbo to backfire (1981)?

The car is has good compression, and is very low milage (28k). It did it once a couple weeks ago, but hasn't since. The car runs good now, but doesn't seen to have the power of my other 1981 Turbo (110k) miles.

The car was sitting for a long time, would that have caused it?
WHat should I do to clean it out?
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Nothing's wrong with it just make sure it is warmed up before you floor it.. Good luck
is it backfiring through the intake? and does it only backfire when cold? can you give a more accurate description of when it happened, and what you were doing?
clean the connections at the ecu. more than likely that is your problem.
Ditto what TchrisX suggested. Cleaning the ECU connectors always clears the stumble on my 280zxt.
i dont even have a kick panel on my ecu. the connections are so crappy that i have to jiggle them every now and then. Im not doing anything about it because that motor is coming out and going in to another car with a very nice and clean turbo harness.
Run premium gas (91 octane). I think Lynn said the fuel and air filters were the "original ones", have you changed them yet?

Lack of power may be because the engine is not broken in completely yet (LOL).
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