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81 2+2 louver

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does anyone know where i can get an 81 280zx 2+2 louver, and what other years would have the same hatch dimensions? i'm kinda wanting a used one, because the only new ones i've found are very expensive.
let me know, thanks
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MSA sells has them. If you want to find used ones to save $$ than your best bet would be to either click on the Classified Ads to the left of the page and see if anyones selling one, or hunt around at your local Junk Yard and hope that you come across one that you can refurbish.

good luck.

"MSA sells has them" LMAO I need to go to bed ;-)

If you want to check out Motorsport's web site, here is the link: http://www.zcarparts.com

If I'm not mistaken, the 2+2 and coupe's louvers are different. At least they are on the 84-86 300's
I have one in Houston, but shipping would probably be high. If you can come pick it up I will sell it to you Cheap.

I've got one that is new in the box but haven't checked to see if all the hardware is there. Where are you?
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