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80-81 mpg vs 82-83

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It seems we talked about this a while back, but humor me just the same as I can't find it.

On my 82 and 83's I get about 22-23 around town (this is not stop and go LA type driving) and on the road if I'm nice I should get about 25-26, though I've gotten as much as 28 on a real laid back trip.

What do the 80-81 models get? It seems like when we discussed this there was some reason they got lower fuel economy though I cannot understand why.
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The 82 had a few revisions done on it nothin to major just mostly cosmetics and better struts and steering to take on the turbo but thats more in controlability depot and aerodynamics was another facter as a goal on economy.

I do got a question though, I filled up reacentally at shell and I noticed that the Z seemed a bit more responsive then before. I put in regular and the engine seems to run allot smooter and its more responsive which makes me think that they reduced the ethonol %. What ever the case I love it, its made passing tourist and bush hippies a whole lot easier then before without droping a gear.

So the $1gplx question is have you noticed anything differant in the fuel at all where your at?
I noticed a difference in the fuel. Just the other day they (news) said gas is coming down in price. Well since then, I think 2 days ago it's gone up 20 cents!

Don't 80-81's have a 5spd with less overdrive than the 82+ models? That could make that small difference.
I'll check that. Best I can tell we are all ethanol around here...even though Algore admitted it was a bad idea.

I just looked at xenons guide to the ZX model year differances and matt and I where both right. Slight mods to the transmission and suspension but that was to accomidate the turbo that the 81 had problems with partly also the only thing to the body changed was that the piller garnishes and the scoop added. Nothing is mentioned about changes in economy. From what I understand is that the 80-81 was the theroy and 82-83 where the final products before they went on to the 300ZX. The Biggest change in the 80s models mostly was a larger engine that had reduced excelleration but at high speeds it gained stability and has more horsepower then the L-20. Also I think the biggest helper was going from carborated to injected.

But thats just artical analasis and theroy, I think we gotta dig deeper to get the true answer.
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Are we comparing apples and oranges?

A 3speed auto will obviously have a lower mpg than a 5speed manual...
well that obviously true. Most standards are more economically forgiving depending on driver. But let's say that the ZXs have the 5speed. reducing the obvious. On anther part of Xenon they got a transmission guide. The 81-83 are similar but the 82-83 turbo use the T-5 it is "different" from the datsun standard.
Where the **** was a 3 speed auto even mentioned? Yes every idiot here will recognize the fact an auto will get worse mileage, which is why if you have an auto and that is important, you need to find an 82 auto from a Maxima or some other solution.

How about this. You guys with an 80-81 who have actually kept records, belly up and let us know what kind of MPG you get and what the traffic is like.

Hey Palladin could this be the artical you where looking for on here?
The problem is you are comparing mpg in 2 almost identical cars but are now 30 years old.

And a lot can happen to a car in 30 years that can effect mpg.
Jaket, that was one but it seems like it was more explicit. Anyway...
Wangsman, we may very well BE comparing to 30 yr old cars, but mathematically you run a list of mgp for the 80/81 and a list for the 82/83. You throw out the outliers. If they are both the same, it will show up. If one group is a couple points higher than the other, then it will show also.

I think this might change your mind a bit wangsman go to page 2 on my comment of flex fuel. go to the EPA.gov site and look at the 300ZX from 85-90. You'll notice economy drops slowly.
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