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> Hey, guys, this is in Longview, Texas.

> On my way to work this morning, I pulled up
> next to a beautifully maintained Blue 1980
> 280ZX coupe. It was lovely - no obvious body
> problems - looked showroom quality to me
> sitting in my car. Anyway, we talked at the
> light a bit, and he told me that it had
> 513000 mi on it, still going strong. If the
> engine bay & interior look anything
> close to as good as the exterior, that car
> is mint.

> I'd say we all have a lot fewer worries
> about the strength of these cars than we
> think.

> Darryl

> 81 280ZX, GL manual

I thought racing mine with 175 thou on it was something...**** This guy has a cherry.

'82 ZX N/A CSP
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Not open for further replies.