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Hi guys!

Just picked up a '80 280zx with about 100,000 miles and I have a problem I hope you can answer. I seem to be sucking coolant into #1 cyl. I was looking through the service manual I have, Haynes (they suck), but could find no help. Here is a description of the prob.

#1 When the motor is running there is a coolant leak approximatley around the thermostat housing.
#2 There is white smoke from the exhaust pipe when running.
#3 There is no water in the oil or white residue from under the oil cap (thank God)

I pulled the plugs, #1 was wet and smelled like coolant, 2-6 were dry and look great. I did a compression check and had the following, #1 135, #2 110, #3 115, #4 115, #5 115, #6 110.

On some of the later Nissan and other cars I have worked on, there is a water jacked in the intake manifold. Is this also true with this car? What is the possibility of a blown head gasket? Is this a common failure? I was thinking if there is a water jacket in the intake, which is usually by #1, and if the gasket was bad there.... That may be the problem. Any thoughts?

Many thanks!
Jeremy Kline
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