79-83 280zx distributor breaker plate repair kit. 22136-H9501 22158-S6700
Greeting everyone. I rebuilt my distributor from my 1981 280zx. When I took it I took it apart guess what I found, yep the plastic bearing holder had broken and the bearing were in the bottom of the distributor. I sourced a good distributor and removed the plastic bearing holder and sent it to an engineering firm that specializes is plastic molding/printing and had them redesign/reinforce the weak spots in the bearing holder and I have had a small batch of them produced. I have sourced proper size replacement bearings. The vacuum advance is not a start/no-start kind of part, but does make your engine run much better at partial throttle and better acceleration at part throttle.

The breaker plate 22136-H9501 is no longer in production so your options are repair the breaker plate (30.00) or replace the distributor if you can find one.
My Re-designed bearing retainer is at the bottom of the photo. This ad is for 1 retainer and 6 new bearings.
$30.00 for the bearing retainer and 6 new bearings. The price includes shipping to the lower 48.
Cost breakdown is 25.00 for the parts and 5 to cover shipping. I will adjust the shipping cost for Alaska, Hawaii and overseas if you send me an address.
Link to a video rebuilding a distributor breaker plate with my repair kit. This video was not make by me.

Craig Haug
Mandan, North Dakota
Seven zero one-471-fifteen thirtyfour
[email protected]

I will attempt to ship over seas. Send me an email with a shipping address and I will get updated shipping cost. Check on the USPS (United States Postal Service) website for restricted delivery countries.