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78 z auto to 5 speed conversion

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What is the estimate in converting a 78 z with an automatic to
a 5 speed stick. Can a person with decent mechanical ability do
it ones self (I used to do clutch replacements on my 78z some years ago when I owned one).

Is there any welding involved, or are the parts bolt on? I know the clutch is hydraulic so the linkage shouldn't be that bad im guessing.

Also, are the parts farily available?

What are the major issues, and what do you think the total conversion would cost.

I am looking at a 78 z in NY and it looks real good except for the fact it is an auto. I really want a 5 speed but cant find a nice one in my geographic area and I'm getting tired of looking!

Any help is appreciated
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whats wrong with the auto?

i bought a 78 parts car with a 5 speed in it for the interior parts and the 5 speed
ive used the interior parts but havent converted mine.
i thought i would hate the auto but i have grown fond of it especially in rush
hour traffic! the z auto shifts so crisp and firm its a blast to drive

i would suggest getting a parts car because there are alot of parts involved
in the swap.
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