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78 z auto to 5 speed conversion

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What is the estimate in converting a 78 z with an automatic to
a 5 speed stick. Can a person with decent mechanical ability do
it ones self (I used to do clutch replacements on my 78z some years ago when I owned one).

Is there any welding involved, or are the parts bolt on? I know the clutch is hydraulic so the linkage shouldn't be that bad im guessing.

Also, are the parts farily available?

What are the major issues, and what do you think the total conversion would cost.

I am looking at a 78 z in NY and it looks real good except for the fact it is an auto. I really want a 5 speed but cant find a nice one in my geographic area and I'm getting tired of looking!

Any help is appreciated
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If you can change a clutch, you can do this. Remove the auto shifter, then the tranny, just like the maunal, remove the trans fluid cooler lines that go the the radiator. Remove the flex plate (thin fly wheel) from the crank.

Things you will need are a through out bearing, a fly wheel, the tranny, the shifter, a clutch pedal and smaller brake pedal, look where the pedals mount, you may need to get a new assembly but I bet you can just bolt on a smaller brake pedal and the clutch pedal, that's the way my 73 was. You will also need the clutch master and slave cylinders and associated lines. Best way to find all of this is to pull it off the same donor car. You will also need a different consol. The rest is just bolt in, same mounting points, same drive shaft. Get a good after market clutch, may I suggest a center force II. It will last a very long time. I'm sure I've forgot something but some one here will chime in and let us know. Good luck, Mark
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