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I am selling my trusty 77 because I just bought an 86 300.
Here are the details:

New clutch (2 months)
New Injector Harnesses ($60.00 worth)
New Radiator (3 months)
Electric Fan (3 months)
New tires mounted on polished 83 ZX rims
Tinted windows
New exhaust (2 1/2 inch to turbo muffler)
Cleaned and sealed gas tank.
Extra motor from 83 ZX
White faced gauge package.

Motor smokes a little on startup (hence the extra motor). Runs like a dream and very fast. Been hit from behind (needs new rear bumper). Paint is great except for a place around the trunk latch where clear coat cracked. Dark maroon with metallic flakes.
Selling for $2000.00 OBO Columbia, South Carolina Area
E-Mail [email protected] for more info or pictures.
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