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> I recently acquired a 77 that's been parked
> for 8-9 years. I've replaced the fuel lines,
> freed up and cleaned the fuel pump and tank
> and got the thing running (but just barely).
> I had to run a hot wire to the fuel pump as
> it didn't have any juice with the key on,
> I've check the fuses and block with a test
> light and all seems well. When the engine
> runs now, it is REALLY running rich and
> loading up and smoking bad. As you may be
> able to tell, I haven't any experience with
> these cars or FI system and and would
> appreciate any help. I've purchased a couple
> of generic 'manuals' for this car, but have
> yet to get one that details any of the

AS for your fuel pump check the fusible links in the engine compartment located on the passenger side fender. The two black cups that have what look like little jumper wires in them. They're usually covered with white plastic caps that quite often are gone by now. Pull, clean and inspect. Make sure you've got continuity there. That's where your pump is fused. AS for your
rich problem the common culprit usually is the water temp sensor. It's located on the upper front of the engine. Quite often they either go bad or the electrical connections get corroded. If it's not working properly the ECU thinks the engine is always cold and runs the car rich. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Not open for further replies.