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After having and enjoying my Z for quite some time its time to move on. I fully restored it in 2001 and have added performance upgrades since however it has not received any changes for several years now. The highlights include poly urethane bushings, ball and socket T/C rods, MSA 2.5" exhaust, Megasquirt II programmable fuel injection and ignition, 83 280ZXT optical distributor, MSD 6A, 3.90:1 differential, 5 speed, 15x7 konig rewind, 260 deg cam (installed in 2003) , ported N42 head, ported intake, 60MM TB, billet steel light weight flywheel. Bumper delete began.

In 2006 it was rear ended requiring replacement of hatch and tail lights. No alignment issues and title is clean.

For the last couple of years it is driven about 20 miles round trip in town every other week. Overall the car is in fair condition. It is fun as is or a good starting point for any project you can imagine. It will never be a show queen / cherry.

Asking $8500
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