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Just to let ya know~ My red volt light went on yesterday. When running, the car
would go up to 14V but when I turned on the heater fan it dropped to
12v then to 8V when I turned on the headlights.I was using a alternator from a 77
parts car which was fine for a month or so. I did notice that the car was very
slightly missing somewhat about a week ago. So I threw back in the original
Mitsubshi alternator that I originally took out. Viola the car runs purrfect.
Funny thing.. Pep Boys wants $35 for a rebuilt alt plus $40 for the core.
I did notice on both my 75 and 76 before I replaced there was a very slight
whhrrr sound under the hood. So screw it I ended up walking home 3 miles
after coming back from the gym. Now I'm celebrating with a dash of Capt Morgan
knowing my baby's back on da road.
Later.. don't forget to celebrate ..
my 2¢
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