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76 280Z track times???

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Whats a 76 280Z sposed to do in the quater mile???

I have one with a 4 speed, I just got it...it seems pretty fast for a non turbo....its got a intake and exuasht what do yall think it will do?????
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You asked this 3 days ago! So here is the same answer maybe this time you will click on the link and READ!

Well there is always an argument on how fast. Seldom as fast as people think.

Look here
Same as...

last time you asked...
16.50 or slower

Except mine, which runs 15.50 all day long. (75 2+2)
My 78 runs 16.0s when the clutch grabs like it should, and that is running way slow 2.3 60 foot times. Mine is stock with no bumpers, a lightened crank pulley, and 2.5" exhaust pipes all the way back.
I did not ask this question 3 days ago, and I swear I thought I put this in the car talk forum.
I forgot to mention..mine also does not have bumpers, or the brackets..it was like that when i got it.
It has electic fan, straight exausht, k&n cone, It seems fast, Can I lighten it without taking out anything I can see??? Im going to slowly restore it as it has barely any rust
now I see the link...........sorry
It doesnt have a 76 model on that site at all......what gives??? the tag on my engine bay says 170hp those are 149??
The difference in hp is something called gross vs net hp measurement. Do a search on this site for gross vs net as It's been talked to death about. In simple terms you have 170hp gross but roughly 135-145hp net. The 135-145hp range is kind of a debate so it really depends on who you talk to. Last I heard the 149hp was for the 82-83 280zx. In either case the only way to know your real hp is to dyno the car and the only way to know how fast you are is to take it to the track. We can sit here and guess all day long but until you try you will never know.
Easiest thing to decieve is our perception. Ever sit in a simulator? Go to Disney land or world? Swear you are traveling alot further anf faster than you are.

Your same distorted perception is present in the car. The times vary a little, but don't expect a drastic improvement. The car is older, unless modified it probably not as strong as when the cars were first tested.

And the bottom line is if you enjoy it why care? The number might disappoint you, where now you feel it is fast, enjoy the feeling of the car.
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