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Speaking of fule filters... did you change yours. Not a bad idea if you haven't already.

Make sure your air flow meter is operating correctly. If its potentiometer hits a dead spot that will certainly kill the engine. Also try increasing the engine rpm very slowly. iIf you notice a range where the engine has difficulty running you can suspect the air flow meter.

> HI, I just found this forum and am I glad.
> I recenlty bought a great stock 76 280z 2+2
> and discovered the fuel line from the tank
> to the fuel pump was crimped because someone
> had just used a thin piece of hose which was
> also two long. It had been running great. I
> would start it once a week and let it run
> for about 20min. waiting til I could replace
> the line. Well 2 weeks ago I did that and
> after about 5 min it died. I thought it had
> run out of gas, I went ahead and replaced
> the fuel line and realized the problem
> wasn't low fuel. Well here's what it does -
> it starts immediatly and runs strong for
> about 15-20 sec. then it dies. I can repeat
> this for about 10 times and again it doesn't
> run rough at all however if I press the
> accelerator then it immediatly kills the
> engine. I've replaced the inline fuel
> regulator no change I don't have a way to
> measure in-line fuel pressure. I suspect
> maybe the fuel pump but don't know. Any
> ideas? How strong of a stream should the
> fuel pump produce if disconnected and just
> pumped into a bucket? I tried this and it
> didn't seem to be very strong. If this is
> the problem are there any after market
> models that can be used like Mallory? Thanks
> for your help

> Jerry
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