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76 280 2x2 V-8

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New here looking for any info on this 76 280 2x2 V-8 Z.
Car is located in Nor-Cal my understanding is it had a Donovan in it.
No engine now.


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Who's body kit?
Actually hoping someone may remember the car here in Nor-Cal a little history would be nice.
Approx value?
Looks as though someone spent a good chunk of money on it, Halibrand magnesium wheels with knock off's 9" ford rear, full cage..
I've never seen that one or a kit like it. From what I can tell past the dirt it actually looks in decent shape and the modifications seem to have been done nicely. How is the interior? Have you checked for rust? Does it have a transmission in it?

Something like this is to hard to place a value on. It really just depends on how much somebody is willing to pay for it.
I plan to pull it out of storage get it up on my lift and clean it up.
Interior is in great shape Recaro seats “ no rear seats”
The paint is in fine shape as well “ other then the color” not to fond of it.
I'd be interested in seeing some more pictures if you get the chance.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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