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74 260z Fuel probs still

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Hey all!! Hope all is well. I have recently replaced my Electric fuel pump and still there is no fuel flowing. I bought a carter pump for it. One wire white one wire black. I took the black to the black and the white to the wire with the stripe on it thinking that one was the hot one. Still no fuel flowing. Nothing in the filter between the tank and the pump. Any ideas would be very helpful..

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Im pretty sure that the early carbed Zs had an electric pump and a mechanical pump. The electric pump was a secondary supply. Look at the front passengers side of the engine and there should be a mechanical pump thats physically connected to the engine block.
I know about the mechanical pump, but the problem is no power to the electric pump. Not really sure where to start with that one. I tested the pump and it does work. My ignition switch is new. Could my fueseable link have anything to do with it?
If it works when you tested and you put in and it doesn't work, check connections
....The lead to the ground is above the tank and tough to get to unless
the tank is down, but maybe not a good connnection there. Or try another lead to ground it
I found this on a different z car site. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?35609-260z-electric-fuel-pump

Pages EF-6 in the 74 FSM explain the pump operation. Its dependent on starter operation, a few relays, RPM taken from the voltage regulator, key position...
Hi. All of the above replys are very good. A basic point to consider as you get deeper into this ' fuel flow' problem is to insure you have troubleshooted the obvious. Example: Jack up rear of your 260 and secure with jackstands. Now remove the BOTTOM fuel line at your gas tank. Any thing flowing out ? More then likely there could be an obstruction at the tank itself. If fuel does flow out then consider this : with your new electric Carter fuel pump in place and secured with the 'flow-out' pointed in the direction of your engine please wire it differently ....
A positive wire going to a 30amp rocker switch inside near your seat that with have a line going directly to your positive post at battery or starter or alternator with the fuse holder somewhere easily accessible inside your car. A ground wire at fuel pump Neg post to a solid ground under the chassis PLUS a running ground to your 30amp rocker switch and that rocker switch ground to a good chassis groound inside the cockpit. Now turn on fuel pump . Have a assistant put a fuel hose onto the existing fuel line coming into engine bay BEFORE it goes to your Mechanical pump at engine. Okay ... See ANY fuel now ? If so continue to run hose to your fuel line at engine and Mechanical fuel pump. Now ... if car will not start possible your Mechanical pump has failed. Easy enough to isolate from this onward I think. Goodluck.
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Thanks for the advice. The weekend is almost here so I'll give it a go. I like the idea of having the pump wired like that anyway. My ignition has a kill switch to get it fired. My ghetto anti theft!! lol
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