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Anybody got a pic of the timing pointer and how it mounts for a 72? I don't seem to have one... The crank pulley has multiple tick marks so I assume I have the early style single pointer. Is it this:
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The later style pointer has multiple ticks so would go with a pulley with one mark, correct? And I definitely don't have the mounting holes for this:
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I think I see the where the mounting bolt was, but the head is gone. Not quite sure how to drill it out down there but before I do I'd like to know it's the right one. And does it go thru the timing cover? From the pic, the bolt looks like it is only in the cover.

Checked the FSM but no clear pictures and watched a few videos on rebuilds but didn't see it. Thanks in advance.


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It should be on the right side of the engine on the timing cover with a pointer like the first photo. The second photo is for an L28
On my 73, the pointer is actually on the other side, but it should mount here on your car.
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Here's the actual timing mark on my 73.
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And for reference, here's where the timing mark mounts on an L28 (that's in my 260Z).
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If the head of a bolt is broken off the proper location, be careful trying to drill it out, or you'll be looking for a new timing cover.
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