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Hi everyone :) I am in the process of purchasing a 73 240Z and in order to do this, I have to take out loans :-( So, to pay back my loans for my new project car, I will be selling 71' 240ZT(TURBO:) ) this Summer. No, I am not giving up on my turbo hunger and fun, I am just moving up to more power and more goodies hehe ;-) I plan to sell my 71 probably in June, maybe sooner, maybe later. I am advertising it in advance so that I can secure a sale for this summer. Please only inquire if you are seriously interested in purchasing it. I have put a lot of time and money into my car(i am sad to sell it, but I don't have the money for two Zs right now). I will try to make my list as complete as possible. Some things that I have listed may or may not go with the car depending on how much I sell it for. Some of the stuff may get transferred into my new Z, but I will list them as optional. I am posting it for $4000 or best offer. If someone makes me a good enough offer I will take a deposit on the sale of the car for this summer. Oh yeah my license plate CA TS 240ZT is coming with me for my new Z :) The car is in the San Francisco Bay Area right now and will be in San Diego in the end of May through the Summer. You may see me at the autocross in San Diego during the summer. I will take pictures and post them on the web later.

1971 Datsun 240Z(Turbo) HLS3028946 Registration good until 4/10/00
Maroon paint job. Black Interior. The body is in good condition, very solid. It was originally forest green. The car is a rust free southern california car. The car does not have any of the original drive train at all. When I bought the car the original drive train was missing. This is a late model 71' so it has the side vents as opposed to the rear hatch vents.
Uncracked Dash-All Gauges work, even the Clock!
Fitapaldi Leather Steering Wheel
Black door panels with 4 cutout for door speakers
Extra Black Door panels uncut
Maroon Starion Seats
Xenon Poly Ground Effects with air ducts
I have original Valance as well
Wrap around Hatch Louvers
Metal Full Length Whip Antenna
Auto Paul H4 Headlights w/secondary green city lights
Clear Headlight Covers
Nice Rear Bumper
front bumper not used(not in very good condition, looks better w/out)
Ungo Alarm with doorlock actuators and starter kill(alarm system optional)
280ZX Turbo Engine complete
280ZXT ECCS Engine Management system
Ford Motorcraft Battery
Huge K&N Conical Air Filter
3 Airfilter Intake Pipe w/Black Wrinkle Finish
280ZX Radiator
NEW 16 Hayden Rapid Cool Swept Blade Electric Fan 1900CFMs
Adjustable Thermostatic Electric Fan Switch
Will throw in stock oil cooler setup if you want it
Adjustable Cockpit Mounted Boost Control Kit
Modified Popoff valve for 10psi
240mm Flywheel with 300ZX Turbo Clutch
280ZX 5speed Transmission(New Seals and fluids)
280Z Driveshaft
87' 3.7 R200 differential(NOT LSD)
R200 Mustache Bar with Ploy Bushing Kit
Halfshafts have been replaced by previous owner
280ZX Turbo Fuel Pump
75-76 280Z Fuel Injected Gas tank
Matching Vapor Recovery Tank
75' Filler Neck
Exhaust System 2.5(3 optional)
Rims-American Eagle Five Stars 14X7 with Falcon 205 60 14s
Front and Rear Aftermarket Sway Bars(Fat)
Koni High Perf Springs and Struts
New Moog Tie Rod ends
Recent wheel alignment
Poly Bushings Everywhere Including
Steering Coupler, Steering Rack, and TC Rods
Toyota 4 Piston Caliper Conversion w/New pads
280Z Vacuum Booster
280ZX Master Cylinder
New Rear Brakes
Recent Lube Job

Probably other stuff I forgot but that's most of it.
Tim Deesen
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