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70 turbo swap. gas tank question.

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i am almost done with the swap just need to fine tune the wiring. and swap gas tanks. (I will be getting a proper fule retune line put in.)

I was wondering if a 77 tank would fit in fine. Or if it could be dented in to fit ok. or if you guys would recomend not even bothering.
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I think you need the 75-76 z tank. I thought the 77-78 tank wouldn't fit because of the spare tire housing design.
you need the 75-76 tank it fits perfect.i have a 70 turbo and i have the 75 tank on it.good luck!

do you need a gas tank sawp? i was thinking of just building myself a surge tank..
Surge Tank or Tank from...

a 75 to 6/76 280Z.
After 6/76 they had the space saver spare, and the bigger tank, which will not fit as a drop-in setup.

Using a surge tank and boost pump is a viable and long term solution if you can't find a real efi tank, and even then, a surge tank would be good if you drive hard...
what is a surge tank. Never heard of that. ( and i will be driving hard enough)

ive heard of a fuel cell.

i have a 77 tank. your saying dont bother with it?

don't bother with the 77 tank. you will not get it to fit.

for surge tank information, check out the following site on "EFI Components" and "Surge Tank"

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