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65mm t-body?

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i'm kinda new to z-cars ('81 280 n/a), but i've noticed an ad on e-bay selling a throttle body which lthe guy says is a direct bolt on 65mm t-body. also says it's actually from another make/model car. has anyone heard of this swap. or even better, anyone know of a site or book with low buck z mods (swapping parts from other year z's)?
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Common swap, use the search function for info.
You can install that unit, however, having not looked at it to see the configuration I can still answer your question. A 65mm T/B will not fit your manifold correctly. You CANT open up the inlet of the manifold to 65mm without welding on the manifold, so it will be a time consuming and costly upgrade.
Also, you DONT need a 65mm T/B for your car. The most popular 60mm T/B is the way to go. I am running a 60mm T/B on my turbo application and have run 500hp with that unit. Now I did find a machined 60mm T/B that was opened up to 62mm and I think I can get that unit to fit my manifold without welding on the part. I will see how it goes, but it is just icing on the cake so to speak as the 60mm part will run me into 600hp.
So if you like to mess with that stuff just for the expense and the fun of it, I say have a ball, but it wont get you any additional power from the engine in and of its self.

I see JeffP has access to a computer terminal while at work again...

60mm is the norma upgrade on these cars, John Coffee used a 65mm unit on his custome intake manifold for a 300+hp N/A stroker, but JeffP is pushing almost twice that now on a turbo with only a 60mm T/B

The size isn't as important as the companion mods, like Jeff points out.

There is plenty of information on this in the archives, but suffice to say, 60mm is as big as most people can go easily without some welding and big fabrication headaches...
Re: hmmm

so what cards have he 60mm TB that fit the Z's? i have a 77 280Z
60mm is the most common mod and is the easiest.
However the stock intake can be ported to 63mm at it's widest point. I know, I have done it.. You will need to weld the back of the flange to get the other 2mm's. I say if your gonna do this mod, weld it just to be on the safe side. That auction is mine and YES it does boltup. It has a idle adjuster built in. Linkage is converted to the Z type. I state my auctions to be as true as possible. I state everything I can and alot of times followup and help buyers via email. Most of the time It's not needed cause the info is on the net.
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