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5swp swap progress *PICS*

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So I searched various sources and could not find what i needed with the Wire harness. I took out my trusty OHMmeter and figured where the plug wires go and switched the plug ends from the auto to the 5spd. Now I am playing around on the car to figure out where the LAST wire goes and what I need to connect it to for the Neutral switch (i think its the inhibitor switch but I have to play around a little more to be sure).

I installed my master cylinder and single hose to the slave - makes life so much easier! I also got the TT booster installed and put the checkvalve in (hope i got that in the right way - I installed it so airflow goes the same way as it does for the brake cylinder (vaccum from the engine pulls the valves open).

Here are some pix of the progress - oh my Labree 2.5" catback arrived today too! Stainless Steel sure is pretty!

Clutch installed:

Upgraded Clutch fork - this thing is heavy compared to the stock one! - solid iron!

Master cylinder and one piece line (going along the top of the engine bay. I painted the area that the cover was on - i thought i had a better match on the white. guess not!

the 5spd harness is on the left. you can see the auto harness wires showing on the right with the 5spd plug. I moved the wires to the exact spot from the auto to the 5spd harness - and Im keeping my fingers crossed that it will all work out just fine.

and my wire is question is the yellow one that goes to the Neutral switch (yellow - also circled)
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Nice, I will be looking forward to hear how it works out. I'm sure it will help me out if I get stuck.
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