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I promised last week to head out the Z and pull out my old jets out of the glove box and post my findings here.
Well with snow shovel in hand I eventually made it to the garage door and managed to get in. HAHAHA!!????
Here is what I found:
34 and 36mm chokes for the dcoe 40's
110.00 Canadian I'll ship
The following Jets are 10.00 each Canadian I'll ship. They fit the dcoe's.
Idle jets 50f9 x6
Pump jets 70 x2, 60 x2, 65 x1, 50 x1
Main jets 140 x9, 155(drilled) x6,
Air correctors 170 x6, 175 x3,185 x1, 200 x1

Sorry that's all have left.

will take cash but would prefer trade for jets.
need 210 x6 airs, 55f9 idles, 145 mains
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