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Hey all,
So I am currently drooling over a 370Z amuse but have a few questions. I previously had a 350z which had many niggles that i would like to know if they are fixed.
I have split the questions in to two sections. General niggles and performance
General Niggles:
  1. Is the handbrake issue fixed from the 350z days. Ie does it still constantly need tightening. If so is there a permanent fix?
  2. Does the Bose audio still skip?
  3. Does the airbag light still constantly come on every time you move the seat? (This one was really annoying)
  4. Does the boot still require multiple button clicks to get it to open due to the springs / struts not being strong enough?
  5. Does the car still rust badly? Ie on the arches
  6. Does the car have any new niggles introduced with the 370Z, or anything else I should be aware of?
  7. How rare is the red interior? I do not like plain interiors but like the coloured ones
Performance Questions:
  1. Is the shift time for the auto really 500ms? Concerned that it will feel terrible compared to the 80ms DCT I am used to
  2. What are the genuine 0-60, 0-100 and 1/4 mile times for this car? (I am coming from a car that logged 4.1s to 60 and 9.8s to 100 in real world, am concerned that the 370z will feel slow)
Thanks all.
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