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> You need to ask yourself why you are buying
> the car. If you want it as a daily driver,
> well, it may be getting to need a rebuild.
> From my knowledge, turbos expected life are
> from 60k to 120k. Now, personally for $600,
> I would buy the thing anyways just for the
> engine and sell the rest of the car, tranny,
> and everything else, well, maybe swap tires
> and rims. Either have a mechanic look at it,
> or do some checks yourself per Haynes
> manual. You can rent compression checkers,
> etc. Not hard. How is the interior? Body?
> Joshua L.

i agree with joshua, i think its worth it but the biggest cost i think you need to be concerned about is rebuilding the engine thats a lot of miles but a rebuild is expensive that will cost prob more then you pay for the car depends. But get it checked out before
good luck
81ZX n/a
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