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300zxtt sensor (what is this sensor)

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this is a part of of my 96 tt. it has a broken vacuum port and i mainly need to know what the sensor is and if it is applicable on the 94 model, because im doing a obd1 swap.

The tube running along the top of it is the coolant tube for the turbo i believe. Any help is appreciated.
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also i did a part number search on the sensor and nothing came up. The sensor also has a mitsubishi symbol on it.
Is this drivers or pass side?
Isnt that the part that is underneath the brake master cylinder?
passanger side if you are in the car. the main piece on the left side bolts to the intake plenum and to the block just above the exhaust manifold.
Not sure what its for, but its OBD2 only ('96). No other years have this.
Great that's what i needed to know, so im assuming its something emissions related probably. its an electrical switch with to vacuum ports so im not sure of the function of it but i guess it doesn't matter seeing as i don't need it.
EGR solenoid on a tt is on the passenger side by the battery. That said none of OBD1 90-95 tt z have a solenoid connected to that pipe (drivers side) for anything.
I didnt understand what you meant to say but the solenoid he pictured was said to be on the passenger side.. and it's identical to one of 2 solenoids there. the other one is the aiv solenoid and I recently replaced the one he's curious about. the egr solenoid. the solenoid on the passenger side is for the fuel pressure regulator i think? i didn't get into that one.
To me, that is the drivers side bracket and turbo water pipe, not the passenger side. And that solenoid is not identical. Looks close though.
dgk_910 said:
passanger side if you are in the car. the main piece on the left side bolts to the intake plenum and to the block just above the exhaust manifold.
I'm assuming you have a right hand drive car, correct? I think is throwing everyone off. So standing in front of the car, this bracket and pipe are on your right?
no my car is left hand drive. have not done a conversion and don't plan on it. But if you are sitting in the car the sensor would be on the passenger side
What you have pictured is off the drivers side of the engine though ( it's upside down in the pic)

If you look closely you can see the bracket and turbo coolant line in this pic:

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that line is not quite as curvy as the one i posted. the one i posted is more of an S, than the one in that picture.
Believe what you want but those parts are off the drivers side. I've been rebuilding Z engines for over 10 years. There are no coolant lines like that on the passenger side. US or jspec.
well im not by any means saying your wrong. i have been given a diagram on hybridz and i believe this pressure regulator vacuum relief control solenoid valve. here is a picture of the valve from an emissions control description paper, and i believe that it is the same thing but i could be wrong.
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Nope, thats not it.

So when i got home today I pulled out my 1996 Nissan FSM. That sensor is the EVAP canister purge control solenoid valve. It's only found on the drivers side of the engine as well.
sorry woody, i don't know what i was thinking i guess i just thought it was on the passenger side and i didn't ever really look at it again to make sure, but you are correct it is on the drivers side. Is it applicable to the 94 model engine aswell?
No, it's a 96 (obd2) only thing. Theres nothing connected to that water pipe on the others years.
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