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1984 300zx Turbo Engine
-109K Miles
-Injector Recall done
-New Timing Belt at 100K
-New Water Pump at 100K
-ECU/MASS AIR Included
-Wiring harness included with all relays
-Good Compression
-Runs perfect with good boost
-Adult Owned with records of repairs

Auto Tranny
-No slip
-4spd OD

I was going to put this setup into my 240Z but ran out of time.

Modifications needed to make this fit include:

-Turbo sits 1 closer to the block (This has been done)

-Remote wastegate needed (Porsche 930)

-Double heim joint the steering shaft in order to move it over another

1 (This is needed to clear the turbo)

-Pathfinder, 4x4 Truck Oil pan, or a dry sump (allows the engine to

sit lower in the bay)

-No mods needed for tranny crossmember (same as early Z car)


-200sx intake manifold (allows engine to sit further back in the

engine bay)

PRICE: OPEN TO OFFERS (Must sell due to school)

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