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Project car: I procured this car from a family member with intentions of restoring it. It had been sitting for well over a year and I was looking into bringing it back. However, I just do think I am going to have the time to do it. This is a 1984 50th Anniversary Nissan 300ZX Turbo 5 speed with about 64,000 original miles. It is a prime candidate for restoration and would make a very nice car for someone with the means to do so.

The cons: The car had some minor rust in the rear hatch and around the front windshield which I have stopped and is ready for primer, one small dent in the passenger side rear area which has been mostly pulled out, the seats need to be recovered, and it needs an overall paint job. The car needs tires. It can be driven, but one of the rear tires has steel coming through and it is out of round. Finally there is a power steering leak around the pinion gear so the power steering does not work. The air needs to be charged. I had to replace a valve on the drier bottle because I broke it off fixing something else and lost the freon. Was working great before that.

The pros: Collectors edition Z that can be brought back to be a head turner with a little effort. The engine is very strong and has plenty of life left in it. Body is in decent shape except for previously mentioned dent. Dash is in almost new condition with no cracks. All components of digital dash work including the center console gauges (compass and accelerometer). Carpet in decent shape with no tears - needs a good cleaning. This car is absolutely a joy to drive if you appreciate the feel of a turbo - plenty of get up and go.

Starting price is $2250 as it sits now (possibly negotiable). Over the course of the next few weeks I am will be getting the parts to fix the power steering, having the A/C charged back up, and putting on some decent used tires. The price will increase to $2800 if I do all that so act now if you want it at the lower price. Car is sold as is for cash only and returns not accepted. Serious inquiries only.


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